Starbucks and Weight Loss

Posted on: January 4, 2017, by :

If you asked me this question a year ago, I would have said absolutely not!  I’m always comfortable without makeup and with my natural hair, but there was a time that I was completely appalled by the shape of my body.  I am a mother of three, but I surely don’t want to look like it…and to be honest, my kids weren’t to blame for the extra 40 pounds I was carrying around a year ago.  I lost the baby weight years ago.  The truth is

I had a serious Starbucks habit… I was drinking a ton of calories every single day.

When I say I had a Starbucks habit, I mean I was drinking at least one Venti, full fat latte every single day.  Some days I had two; one frozen, one hot. It was a mess and I paid dearly for it with body image problems that affected my self esteem.  In today’s society, no one wants to be accused of body shaming. Everyone is encouraged to accept themselves just as they are and to love others just as they are.  No judgement, no whispers.  I’m not one of those people.  I believe if someone is unhappy with their weight, their skin, their hair, their nails, they should do something about it. There’s no reason to settle into less than your best self, appearance included.

As a former dancer, I have grown accustomed living in a lean, graceful body.  Carrying too much weight makes me feel frumpy, constricted and terribly unattractive.  A year ago, I was miserable and desperate to lose the weight as quickly as possible.

I tried a few different weight loss supplements to help me drop the weight…

green tea supplements, some fatburner pills I picked up from the health food store, some other weight loss supplement I saw an ad for on Instagram (a free trial that cost me $80. I’m STILL mad about that).  Nothing worked.  After awhile, I stopped with the supplements and focused on working out. I started with a light workout focused on toning because that always worked in the past.  I made a little progress, but as soon as I stopped, what weight I lost came right back.  I stepped it up a bit with intense cardio workouts.  I’m not a fan of traditional exercise so my workouts were all dance centered. I learned Matt Stefanina choreography and did some African dance workouts I found on Youtube.  I had a ball! But something about that intense cardio caused me to get migraines immediately following my shower every single time.  After a few days of being bedridden with migraines,  I gave up on the workout situation altogether.

A few friends of mine had been getting great results using Thermofit (metabolism booster) and Fatfighter (carb inhibitor) so I decided to give that combination a try.  After 3 months of consistently taking those two products and a clean diet (free of Starbucks) I lost over 25 lbs.  I haven’t taken the supplements in over 5 months and the weight has yet to come back.

I still have another 15 lbs to lose before I feel like a complete fox 😉  So I will be using these new product packs to get me to my goal.  Care to join me? Click the image below to place your order.